16' ft Water Slide Rentals

                              Wet $200

4 in 1 Modular Combo with pool
                  Wet: $199
                   Dry: $169 

       Boy Castle Combo 15x30

                 Wet  $199  Dry  $169

Elephant Tropical Combo 17x30

            Wet  $220  Dry  $175

Contact us today for affordable party rentals, such as bounce houses and water slides. We proudly serve Phoenix, Glendale, Scottsdale, Peoria, Mesa, Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert, Buckeye and Paradise Valley, Arizona.

16' ft water slide $ 199

    36'ft x 55' ft Water Slide 

                     $ 999

Find Safe Inflatable Water slides for Rent in Phoenix

We know that as parents you worry for your children's safety. Let us assure you that our water slides for rent in Phoenix are so safe we let our own children play on them. Our inflatable waterslides are cleaned and checked by us before they are delivered to your house. Of course, one of the most important safety features is adult supervision. We ask that an adult is with your children whenever they plan on our inflatable water slide rentals.

What is a Wet/Dry Slide in Phoenix?

At AZ Water Slide 4 Kids in Phoenix, Arizona, we offer 2 types of inflatable water slides rentals Phoenix AZ: wet and wet/dry. The wet/dry slides give you the option of using water or not. Both are fun and safe. The choice is up to you. Consider your children's guests and the time of year before making a final decision.

Water Slides Rentals in Phoenix AZ

(602) 999-2559

          Hydro Blaster water game

                          $ 150

4 in 1 Princess Combo with pool


4 in 1 Prince Combo with pool


17' ft Water Slide

       Dry $200

17' ft Water Slide

       Dry $200

22' ft double line water slide $ 350

           Pink Castle Combo

              Wet $199 Dry $ 169

25 ft water slide $ 399

Whether your children and their friends live in Phoenix, Glendale, Scottsdale, Peoria, Mesa, Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert, Buckeye or Paradise Valley, Arizona, they all love inflatable water slides. Contact us today to ask about package deals on water slides for rent.

Affordable Water slides for Rent in Central Arizona

Count on us to provide you and your child with plenty of choices in inflatable waterslide rentals in Phoenix. Our inflatable waterslides range in length from a 13 feet water slide to a 65-foot double-line, complete with palm trees and arches. Choose from wet slides and dry/wet slides, as well as single and double lanes.


Hours of Operation: Monday-Sunday, 8 a.m. 8  p.m

42'ft Blue CRUCH Water Slide
        $ 1500  ---- 24 hours  rental

   27' x 65 ft Water Slide



              25 ft water slide


  19' ft Wild Rapids double lane

              water slide $350

17' ft Water Slide with pool $ 250

27' ft VOLCANO Water Slide $ 420


  36' ft 95' ft Water Slide

                 $ 1200

Nothing is as joyful as the sounds of children enjoying inflatable water slides rentals in phoenix AZ, just one of the many party rentals from AZ Water slides 4 Kids water slides rentals in Phoenix. All children love water slides, so choose a party package of bounce house rentals  that includes slides and other giant jump-on toys that kids love.

          14'ft Yellow water slide

                          $ 180

        27'ft Dolphins water slide

                         $ 420

          27'ft Yellow water slide

                          $ 420

    17' ft Water Slide Wet\Dry

                      Wet $250

  20' ft Dolphins Water Slide

                      Wet $299

Blue Combo with pool17x30

        Wet  $199  Dry  $169

       30' ft long Double line Slip and Slide

​                                         $199

20' ft Double line water slide $ 350

14' ft water slide $ 175

            30' ft Double Line Water Slide

                                   $ 499

20' ft water slide $ 299

18 ft water slide $ 299

        14'ft green water slide

                         $ 180

16 ft Tropical Water Slide
                    $ 180

      4 in 1 Tropical Combo with pool


4 in 1 Prince Combo with pool


20' ft Water Slide with pool $ 299

17' ft Water Slide with pool $ 250

18' ft Double line Double pool water slide $ 350

20' ft water slide $ 299

Inflatable Water slide Rentals in All Colors & Sizes

Find bold primary colors, shades of blue, soft pastels and eye-popping brights in our large selection of inflatable waterslide rentals in Phoenix AZ. Or, choose themes that appeal to the children attending your party, such as a tropical island, complete with palm trees. All of our inflatable waters lides for rent in Phoenix are a huge hit with the kids.

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16 ft Helix double lane combo
                    $ 320

4 in 1 Modular Boy Combo with pool
                     Wet: $199
                     Dry: $169

              Octopus Combo with pool 

                      Wet $199

            18' ft Tropical Double pool Water Slide


21' ft Water Slide with pool $ 315

          Sport combo water slide

                          $ 199